After the official launch of the IVECO New Daily(Ousheng) 8AT last November in Guangzhou, we finally got a chance to have a test drive.


This IVECO New Daily is a new generation van of NAVECO, which is produced in Qiaolin plant, Nanjing. Following the launch at the Wuhan Commercial Vehicle Show in November 2017, New Daily upgraded again with 8AT automatic transmission for the high-end market, and the official guide price is between 202,900-300,900 RMB. According to Federico Bullo, General Manager of NAVECO:’ The ZF 8AT automatic transmission was launched on Iveco products in Europe in 2015 and is now a mature solution. New Daily 8AT edition is equipped with ZF 8AT automatic transmission, F1C engine, air suspension, and the biggest interior space could achieve 16.7 cubic meter, and the total gross weight is 7 t.’


New Daily 8AT edition is mainly to expand the high-end market such as special purpose VAN, RV. As we know, the purchase of parts and components is only about 800, mainly concentrated in the RV market, while the order volume has already exceeded 800.

As my colleague Yu Zhanbo comment: ‘During the test drive, the performance advantages of this 8AT are quite obvious. Compared with the manual transmission model, it eliminates the cumbersome shifting process and allows the driver to focus on the road. The combination of driver and vehicle is better, especially in the acceleration phase, only 12 seconds from the start to 80 km / h. Not only does our acceleration test become simple in the case of general road conditions, but also an acceleration test of 0 to 100 km/h is completed. The score is about 20 seconds, which is incomparable with ordinary cars, but it is excellent in VAN.’