On 30th, March 2018, MAN Truck & Bus China invites main body builders and media in China to its Chassis Seminar in Wuxi. Mr. Thilo Halter, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus China, together his team shared MAN’s latest chassis of Beijing 5 emission standards, complete chassis portfolio, as well as the wide range of services.

1. 曼恩底盘技术研讨会.JPG

Thilo Halter, CEO of MAN Truck & Bus China, 

annouced the chassis strategies to China's body builder representatives

Thilo Halter reviewed the performance of MAN chassis in 2017 and announced MAN’s strategy in the future: “The total sales of MAN chassis in China achieved a new record by increasing 21% comparing the previous year. While keeping the first place in firefighting segment, MAN makes progress in oil field vehicleTV OB vehicle, off-road RV segments. In 2018, MAN will develop new segments including snow removers, cities and municipal uses, and constructions to gain more market share of chassis.”

At the seminar, Mr. Li Changwen, training manager of MAN Truck & Bus China, explained the technical and maintenance services of Beijing 5 engine in detail in accordance with the current Beijing 5 emission standards. Compared with National 5 emission standards, Beijing 5 engine increased the four requirements of WHTC, PEMS, OBD and DPF. On the basis of the original mature technology, by upgrading and optimizing the intake system, post processing system, common rail system and key components, MAN’s engine technology meets Beijing 5 emission standards perfectly.

6. 户外实车展示.JPG

TGS and TGL displayed during the seminar

Based on different market segments, MAN supplies four range of chassis products in China’s market to maximize the actual needs of customers. Ms. Zhang Lei, senior sales manager of chassis in MAN Truck & Bus China, gave a detailed explanation of the four major chassis of TGL, TGM, TGS and TGX. The four product ranges cover light-duty to heavy duty modified chassis (8 tons to 41 tons), of which TGM is the best selling chassis for its wide range of uses and outstanding practicality.

At present, the chassis of MAN has a 12 month warranty, and the transmission system (engine, gearbox, transfer box and driving axle) and genuine parts have 24 months of warranty. More over, MAN also provides services for customers such as goodwill claim as solid guarantee of after-sale services.

7. 产品经理进行户外讲解.JPG

The customers are learning more about the details of MAN Beijing 5 emissional standards chassis